Caroline Z. Marcos

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Mixed Media | Encaustic

I am a working full time artist and mother of two. I’ve grown up around art, my grandfather was an oil painter and I majored in Studio art and Psychology in college and went on to complete a Masters in Art Therapy. My work is in mixed media, acrylic, collage, watercolor and encaustic. In 2004 I took a workshop with Stephen Rene, the neocoptic iconographer and student of Isaac Fanous. I am not a practicing iconography. My work can best be described as surrealism, sometimes abstract and highly stylized. I draw my inspiration from inner spiritual life, so my pieces tend to have some narrative to them and nature is a large influence as well. The particular piece donated this year is my personal take on an icon of St. Augustine, Bishop of Hippo.

Tags: Encaustic, Mixed Media

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