Theresa Plummer

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Theresa Fikry Andrawis Plummer was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1979. She was raised in Saudi Arabia until her family moved back to their homeland. Theresa’s family spent every vacation traveling and exploring the world, observing nature, architecture, art, and people, all the while photographing every inspiration.

Theresa’s paintings, photography and designs always convey the messages and images she was exposed to growing up. Theresa was recognized for her artistic abilities around the age of 10. Constantly receiving awards and certificates for her talent. While living in Saudi Arabia most of Theresa’s work depicted depression, and dark tones mainly because she was mistreated for being a Christian. As a Christian she was punished in school for believing in The Lord and treated harshly for being Coptic. At the age of 17, she was enrolled in The Fine Arts University in Cairo Egypt and shortly after her work was on exhibit in the finest art gallery in Cairo. Theresa was known for depicting beautiful landscapes that were not found in Egypt, scenic art that could be a setting in Amsterdam, England or Turkey – all of which were memories. In 2000, Theresa started the Arab Academy for Science and Technology in Cairo to become an Architectural Engineer, her talent in sketching and her immense cultural understanding helped her excel in Architectural Design. Theresa worked on architectural projects while still maintaining her art. The subject matter seemed to have changed from natural scenes to manmade structures and designs – with hints of nature peeking through. Tragedies surrounded Theresa’s family and for several years making art faded in the background in order for her to take care of her mother which was struggling with breast cancer and overcame it. Theresa moved to the United States, in 2006 .

She married and started over in San Diego, California where she regained her artistic passion. Her paintings were selling and her talent was spreading. She was asked to work with the Coronado’s Play House to create all the scenic backdrops for the “Wizard of OZ”. In 209; she was awarded The Aubrey Award for the scenic design of “The Wizard of OZ”. In 2011, Theresa received her Master’s in Science of Architecture, and began a teaching career in the New School of Architecture & Design assistant in subjects such as environmental psychology, urban design, urban history, cultural design, and art. Theresa has realized that teaching is as much a passion to her as art is, and she continues to pursue both. She has now moved to Tallahassee and is eager to show others how to create their own master pieces. Theresa has taught art to children as young as 4 years old and adults as young at heart as 50. Theresa Andrawis Plummer is an Egyptian-American; artist, architect, designer and educator, she has an enormous interest in cultural architecture and art, She’s a very light-hearted and outgoing person. Through hard times and happy times, art was always an outlet and a gift.

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